OMMA Art Rental and Sales Service

 OMMA recently launched an Art Rental and Sales Service to provide art lovers and patrons, talent spotters, and interior designers with: 

  • an affordable, cost effective, and easy way to add original, high caliber, contemporary, Canadian paintings and multimedia artwork to your working or living space 
  • free consultations with experienced OMMA artists
  • curatorial services 

It also provides OMMA members with a great opportunity to be discovered, appreciated, encouraged, and to receive feedback on their work.


Decorating Corporate Spaces

 Want to brighten up your work space? Give visitors and staff something new, creative and colourful to look at and talk about? Have OMMA decorate your offices.

  • Choose from a large selection of the high caliber artwork specifically curated for this purpose 
  • Free consultations — our Curator will:
    • visit your office to understand your needs and goals for your visual environment
    • help you choose the artwork best suited to your objectives
    • work closely and collaboratively with you and OMMA artists to ensure the artwork choosen adds value to your working environment, and meets your decorating needs
  • Very competitive rental rates, and rotation and replacement agreements (Corporate art rental fees can be tax-deductible.)
  • Delivery and installation services, and ongoing site services (e.g. art hanging, repositioning)
  • An enjoyable and innovative way to show your corporate social responsibility by supporting the arts in your community 


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