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Vocare | Creativity for Deep Living
Summer Immersion with Encaustic Beeswax
Thursday August 9 3:00 PM – Sunday August 12, 3:00 PM
New Life Retreat Centre, 453 Dobbie Road, Lanark, ON K0G 1KG
$1175 (includes tax, meals and shared room accommodation, and art supplies) (Register before July 16 for $200 off @ $975)
To register, contact: anne@annewrightartist.com; http://annewrightartist.com/upcoming/

Listen more deeply to what life wants of you by engaging with your creative side. Come to the Lanark Highlands and let yourself be moved by the wild inside and out.

Free up your creative expression – not to have a pretty picture to hang on the wall, but to listen more deeply to inklings and signals
Learn the basics of collage with beeswax encaustic, images and plant material
Release yourself from the critic’s harsh eye
Begin to “read” what has come through and may at first seem nonsensical
Anne will guide you in retreat, painting instruction, interspersed with ample free time. In the studio, you will work with the sensual and forgiving medium of encaustic beeswax and heat, or water-based paint and pencils or both. You will be collaging in paper, words and pressed flowers or weeds. In the retreat, you will be moved by music, poems, silence, and you will reflect and open to what is coming through you. We will begin each day with silence before breakfast. Each morning, we’ll gather in circle and be guided into the day. Afternoons will be studio time and free time. Evenings will be yours — to wander into your own space or to be social. You will have plenty of time to sit on rocks, move through the meadows, swim in the pond, gaze at the stars from the outdoor hot tub and sit by the campfire.

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